Losing Weight: Answers to Your Top 10 Question

Can losing weight make you shorter?

The answer depends on your height. The shorter the difference in height, the less you’ll weigh. People who are 5’9″ and under weigh in at almost 150 pounds, compared to someone who’s 5’11” and above, who averages 175 pounds.

Can losing weight make you look younger?


How long does it take?

You can have most of the loss in about two weeks. With the only possible exception of losing weight, no benefits come from cutting.

What losing weight does to your body?

Losing weight for as little as 4 weeks will have a big impact on your quality of life. You may not realize it, but many of us are under the false impression that you need to lose significant amounts of weight to look better. Not so. If your goal is to keep your body a healthy size, you don’t need to lose any of that body fat. You have a very effective way of losing a whole lot of body fat without losing any of your lean mass. The most important part of losing weight is doing so gradually, ideally over time. While your body will undoubtedly experience a number of challenges when you lose weight, you will find yourself feeling much better, both physically and mentally.

Will losing weight help with back pain?

Weight loss and exercise increase your ability to maintain a healthy body composition. You will have fewer chronic health problems that commonly accompany obesity. These problems may include increased blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, diabetes, sleep apnea and osteoarthritis.

What exercises are the best?

Once you begin working out, you will get tired of a certain exercise, or maybe the specific use of the exercise leaves you wanting to do something else. It is often best to stop and re-evaluate your goals for that specific workout and see if there is another workout that can help achieve them. So a great way to re-evaluate a specific exercise is to create a list of your top 10 exercises. Read through this list and see if there are any exercises that really stand out. This step may also be helpful when you are trying to decide what workout you should do each day, as you’ll see what types of exercises you might want to improve. A more specific exercise list may also help you to target specific areas of the body. Again, check out this list to see what exercises you may need to include in your workout program.

Can losing weight make you tired?

Study examined the effects of reduced nighttime waking on alertness, memory, and performance for 14 working hours in a marathon. Participants completed the same 6.25-mile course twice with breakfast and dinner and both times had 12 hours of recovery time. Results: Participants had significantly higher levels of alertness, sleepiness, and level of subjective sleepiness throughout the course. Detailed sleep profiles were not different during the race in either the breakfast or the dinner condition.

Source: European Journal of Applied Physiology Volume 76, Issue 8, October 2009, Pages 375-378

How losing weight affects blood pressure?

Blood pressure can’t change from one meal to the next. When weight is lost, many people lose a small amount of blood pressure. This is because when people lose weight, blood flow to muscles decreases. As a result, heart muscles pump less blood to the arms and legs, and fewer salt and sugar are pumped into the blood. Losing weight can help your blood pressure if it gradually reduces, stays less high for more than a month and does not cause bleeding (edema).

Can losing weight help with sleep apnea?

If you’ve ever wondered about the effects of weight loss on your breathing, if it can affect your sleep apnea, or if it’s even possible to make your body fat matter, consider learning how to reduce or even eliminate sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a persistent irregular airflow in the breathing passages in one or both of your legs. Sleep apnea occurs when your body does not get enough oxygenated air to breathe properly. There are many ways to cause the tissue in your airways to expand when you breathe, and over time this can cause your breathing to become very shallow, and you to lose consciousness. Sleep apnea can be caused by a combination of diseases, disorders, and injuries, including: Inadequate sleep and sleep deprivation, unhealthy diet and lifestyle, smoking anxiety, depression, poor diet, smoking, and alcohol or drug abuse.

How much lose weight after pregnancy?

You need to wait at least two months after giving birth before you lose any weight. Don’t rush into making any changes right away. During pregnancy, your body develops a valuable resistance to certain foods that are part of a healthy diet. You need to put off all the grains, sugars, salt and dairy.

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