What should you drink to stay healthy?


Drink water. (The latter takes care of dehydration and vice versa.) Drink lots of water. It keeps you hydrated.


Drink a lot of soda. This could be the fourth most popular beverage.


Because it has so many electrolytes, drinking lots of coffee can keep you well hydrated. However, coffee isn’t a replacement for water.

Water-based sports drinks

Although some of them have added electrolytes like sodium and potassium, their primary goal is keeping you hydrated.

Salted water

Just add salt to some of your favorite drinks and you’re good to go. You don’t have to drink it in a glass!

Fluid drinks

Sweet, fruity, or herbal drinks can be a great addition to hydration. There are many drinks that you can add either like “rehydration shakes” or fresh-squeezed fruit juice. They have ingredients that are designed to hydrate you and are good for your health. They contain at least 4 or 5 electrolytes, sometimes even more. The drinks will help you perform better during workouts. You just need to add your own flavor.

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