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When you have some extra fat in your belly and you really want to get rid of those to become more productive, all you need is a little guideline and inspiration. It is really a threatening problem that should be solved in order to avoid some serious life risk. Over-weight has been the trending issue that should be under control immediately. You may find a better solution like I did if you consider using a meal app as they can guide you and inspire you to get back into your flexibility.

Things to Consider Before Downloading this App

In that 21st century, there are lots of digital options available to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle in such a busy life. It is quite easy to become confused as there are huge options to pick from. But finally, I am satisfied that I found meals app like body24. It is such a helpful and inspiring app that helped me a lot to maintain my desired lifestyle. Before start finding an app, my primary target was to lose some weight by getting some plans that can inspire me. This app could fulfill my initial needs, and then I started to explore more of it. The feature like watchdog really motivates me to drink the proper amount of water daily. So after a while using this app, I could get some bonus facilities that really inspired me to build a healthier lifestyle.

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This app is just a programmed guideline platform, works as your preference. It is not something that can magically improve your situation. But if you want something like that, then definitely don’t waste your time and money here. If you want to lose weight by exercising instead of having a weight-loss healthy meal plan, then look for something called fitness app, not a meal app.

Presenting the Product

Body24 is such a useful health and fitness app that can give you some unique guideline and present you the condition of your lifestyle by tracking your activities. There is a diversity of features body24 offers. From finding the best-suited recipes to count your steps, this flexible mobile app can be the best assistance you may ever find during your conversion period. This app can count your calories and set a drinking goal for you so that you can easily keep balanced healthy lifestyle. You will become more excited when you can watch your progress of developing as body24 track your activities and show you the final result.

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However, every product has both of their good and bad things. I found some amazingly effective features in this app and also saw the reverse side of the coin too. Here I am trying to focus some of the advantages and disadvantages of this meal app:


  • The Flexible Interface- the user interface of this app is so much friendly and simple that my 55 years old colleague could even surf around this app easily. There is no complexity of using the body24 app.
  • All in One – this app contains all the basic features that could be searched for when someone tries to start her transformation.
  • Expert’s Made Recipes- all the recipes you’ll find here are personalized based on your preference and better suited for your healthy diet. And all the recipes are uniquely provided by experts. That the cool thing about this app.
  • Totally free of cost – this mobile application is absolutely free. No subscription fee, no upgrading issue has existed there. Body24 gives you all those promising features without a penny!
  • Regularly Updated App – Body24 updates their app on a regular basis with the latest information.


  • Lighter app- this app is the basic health and fitness tracking app. If you want to go through some tough exercising and dieting period then this one may not be the best option for you.
  • Some bugs are there – as body24 is a newly developed app, there some bugs that are yet to be fixed.
  • No Community- the worst part is that they have no community grown up yet. So I couldn’t able share my thoughts and read from other users. I hope by the time passes, this issue will be solved.
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Features & Benefits:

We all know that we need food to live & grow. But is it only just a need to us? Food is so much more. We love food. Love for food is not really a problem in its own though. But growing fond of unhealthy foods is. That has been the case for me, and I can bet for some of you also. But it is also possible to grow fond of the healthy meals throughout the day. And that is where the first feature I adore about this app comes from:

Personalized Recipes – As my favorite fitness trainer say, if you can’t stick to a diet plan, it is not healthy for you. Weight loss & fitness is much about diet, though we realize it or not. We get addicted to junk food because of their mouth-watering taste and flavor. We know that food is not good for us, but it seems no reason enough to keep us away from them.

But healthy food can be tasty too; the wait is just for the right recipe. The best thing about the Body24 app is it tracks the activities & health condition of us and plans personalized recipes just for us, according to our needs & keeping our taste in mind. Because, taste is what makes us cling to the diet, where it does not feel like an obligation, but delight.

Drinking Watch Dog – The name says it all. Drinking enough water is one of the toughest challenges we all face every day. Why? It’s because it is hard to track the daily intake and also so much hard to plan out when to drink & when not. Because water drinking is time sensitive. Drinking liters upon liters of water at a time won’t fulfill the water deficit throughout the day, but it will make your trip to washroom much more frequent.

So, the water deficiency was never fulfilled & the symptoms were starting to show water deficiency. It would so helpful if this app existed back then because the Drinking WatchDog feature would be no less of a blessing as it would have calculated and notified me how many glass of water I needed & when. This feature also tracks your activities as the daily water requirement varies upon how active you are around the clock.

Monitoring Activities – Having a healthy meal and keeping the water intake in check, there is another very important thing for keeping good health. And that is exercise. At the dawn of civilization, man needed to work hard all day to live, so they got a lot of activities, so exercise wasn’t much needed. But with the growth of civilization, we found that physical work is not our strength, but mental work is. So as civilization advanced, we lessened physical activities and skyrocketed the mental ones. So now most of us, including me do mainly desk jobs. Although life is so much easier, our muscles and joints need to be active to be healthy. I had to learn it the hard way. My joints had been killing me, figuratively nonetheless.

So, I decided to start exercising, but then came to the hardest decision of all, whom to follow. It was hard for me to afford a health coach, and as though there were huge amount of free training programs available on the internet, the choice was overwhelming. I almost gave up at this point in confusion. Body24 helped me to understand and follow their program based on my goals at my pace. For the first time, I was able to get rid of the fearsome picture in my mind of a buff guy screaming at me to work out. It was a nice experience, like working out with a companion, not a teacher. And trust me it takes to build a workout routine much easier.

Special Workout Meals – Eating a healthy meal all the time is needed, but at the days of heavy or light workout, your body craves for something more. Workout strengthens our muscles, for that our body needs nutrients more than a common day. The body24 app comes in with integrated steps counter & activity tracker. The app plans your workouts, but not only that. It provides you with specific recipes to fulfill the energy and nutrient needed for the workout. The app also plans pre-workout and post-workout meals and their timing, so you are fully energized at the time of workout, and also your body is safe and sound from cramps, vomiting etc. Also, the built-in tracker ensures that none of your steps go to waste, and your amount of fat burnt is always accurate.

Your own Health Coach – What is the biggest benefit of this app apart from the nice healthy body? It is that you get the best nutrition plan, best-personalized workout made just for you, your friend who keeps track of your health all the time and motivates you in every way, free. How much do you save? Plenty. Can you ever imagine how much a top nutritionist, fitness coach & personal trainer would cost? I used to save money to get these services, to take care of myself. But the first month using this app, I realized it’s all I would need, for bettering myself, all free of charge.

What Others Think about Body24

At first, it was disappointed for me as they don’t have any social appearance and community where I could find some testimonials and share my thought. But afterward, I could able to find some piece of review that inspired me. It is always inspiring when you could able to hear some positive thought from others about your favorite product. It is such wonderful things to know that, in spite of lack of social appearance and enough marketing, body24 could able to win many of user’s heart. This really motivated me a lot and enforces me to write my own.

You May also Find Some Substitutes

As it wasn’t easy to pick a particular app and settled on one, I’ve been through a lot other similar kinds of the app earlier. There is a huge amount of fitness app available out there with millions of users and positive ratings. If you are in to compare with the leading apps, you may find body24 far less popular. But somehow I found the best all-rounding fitness features in body24 which can track both of my steps, calories and count my daily drink. However, if you want a little more specific and stronger then you’ll have plenty of choices. Here I’m going to mention three of them based on my research and experience:

Lose it

Lose it is a popular and useful mobile app. With this app you can set your daily foods and exercise goals with a daily calorie budget they’ll give you. You can stay notified of your day to day fitness records. Lose it inspire you to fulfill the daily goals by staying within your calorie budget. Together with your friends and community, you may able to inspire yourself of getting the desired lifestyle by losing weight. The premium subscription fee for this fitness app will cost you $39.99 a year.

My Fitness Pal

If you want to keep control over your calorie gain, then My Fitness Pal can be the app for you. Being specialize on calorie counting, this free app also allows you to create and save your own recipe and keep the record on your workout. The resonant fitness and health community can help you become inspired and track your nutrition level with workout actions with the well-developed tools. The support section of this free app is awesomely enriched. If you want to lose your weight by tracking the records of your basic fitness activity then I recommend this free app to your use.


8fit is one of the expensive health and fitness apps that have almost all the similar features to Body24. With a custom exercise program and an effective meal plan, you can set and fulfill your goals using this app. The company claims that you don’t need to go for a gym regularly to keep fit. You can skip your regular gym over 8 Fit app. For getting access to this premium fitness app, you need to consider $89.99 from your wallet that covers a whole year of fitness plan.

There are a lot of options are available and you may spend thousands of bucks in quest of the solution for getting a lean body and a healthy life. But it is impossible to become healthier by using just an app. You need to focus on your passion to be healthier and work really hard to achieve it. Body24 isn’t the app that can help you lose weight overnight. To make this happen you yourself have to drive towards your destination.

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